With lounging chairs in lofts replaced by ergonomic tables, kitchen islands taken over by gigantic screens, and guest bedrooms doing double duty – in today’s time, a study-come-office is front and center of every home.

Now more than ever, #Homeowners are investing their time and money in creating office spaces that will be functional long after they’ve returned to the office. Dedicated workspace is required to keep tempting distractions away – kids running around in their Halloween costumes, binge-worthy shows, frequent snacking, and more. With this in mind, Ultimate Builders Services designed these rooms to include creativity and inspire productivity, to ensure you feel good about the space where you spend most of your time in a day.

What’s more, apart from exceptional layouts, at Beazer, we are committed to providing Surprising Performance. That’s why all new Beazer homes are built Network Ready, which provides immediate Internet connectivity at no additional cost, allowing homebuyers to easily add their technology of choice after closing*. Now isn’t this a great addition to these flawless designs?

These home offices located everywhere, from Atlanta to Houston, have one thing in common: More quality and more comfort from the moment you move in!

Bethesda Heights, Atlanta

Laurel Office - Beazer Homes

Break the rules with black furniture! This two-tone palette steers away from the conventional appearance of an office and adds much-needed style, so you not only get that last bit of work done but also enjoy the surroundings while doing so. The strategically placed chairs aesthetically create a distinct area that is ideal for some light-hearted conversations with your kids or playtime with your pets. Count on a little inventiveness and a whole lot of uniqueness…because that’s what is going to get our creative juices flowing.

Design Tip: Black or darker tones aren’t to everyone’s taste. However, with the right styling and complementary color palette, you can make a sleek and chic statement. Bella Zorrilla, Interior Designer at UBS likes to encourage her clients to explore materials and create unique layouts, like this room. “Choosing dark furniture with light-colored walls will make the room pop! When designing and decorating, use a mixture of woods, metals, and fabric pieces – it will bring excitement to the eyes.”

View the floorplan of this single-story home: https://www.beazer.com/atlanta-GA/bethesda-heights

Harborview, Myrtle Beach

Persimmon Study - Beazer Homes

From being the most sparingly used space to the most bustling area of your home, let your office be a style statement. Add a traditional twist to a contemporary setting by incorporating wooden cabinets and sustainable evergreen pieces. This southern-inspired study, with ample natural light, exudes refined elegance, all thanks to its coveted furnishings and accessories. “The floating bench adds seating for impromptu meetings or casual homework sessions, and the styling makes it a sophisticated space for video calls,” adds Michelle Benet, Interior Designer, UBS. Enhancing the look and feel of this room (even more) is the paneling on the wall, which gives the room an architectural richness and highlights wall decorations – in this case, the painting. It’s business-as-usual but in style!

Design Tip: Mixing design styles are no longer a fashion faux. From prints and patterns to décor items that are traditionally not meant for a defined space – think outside the box and indulge in them like a pro. Michelle’s colleague, Melanie Farrell has interesting points that will help you move out of the predictable isles at furniture stores. “When shopping for a room, don’t be afraid to venture into other ‘rooms’ for ideas. For instance, the sideboard in this office is usually found in a dining room but provides a ton of storage space in an office and is much more interesting than a typical file cabinet. Similarly, the bench that Michelle selected is not traditionally meant for an office setting but provides a great look and seating that doesn’t take up too much space.

View the floorplan of this single-story home: https://www.beazer.com/myrtle-beach-SC/harborview

White Oak at East Lake, Atlanta

Juniper Office - Beazer Homes

In today’s times, where your partners have become co-workers, you need to create a versatile space that allows you to co-exist in harmony and be productive at the same time. For instance, this office is anchored by two extremely functional tables pushed together, and a few pieces of comfy seating that allow you to relax in-between meetings. When designing, mix-and-match each other’s décor choices so that the room creatively juxtaposes your personalities. “Draperies and beautiful artwork not only add softness and comfort to the overall style of the room but transforms your home office into your favorite room,” adds Bella Zorrilla.

Design Tip: Complement the interiors with the perfect pop of color, be it in the form of a painting, draperies, or chaise. Bella further elaborates on this useful tip. “To create the perfect home office (a place where you might be spending a lot of time these days), try to find art that speaks to you, something that you love to look at… you might be staring at it often! Also, when choosing window treatments, it is best to pick a fabric with a color/pattern that is a different shade than the room.”

View the floorplan of this townhome: https://www.beazer.com/atlanta-GA/white-oak-at-east-lake

Bluewater Lakes, Houston

Harper Study - Beazer Homes

Want to create a study-come-office haven for your family? Look no further than our model at Houston. The high-end construction, from paneling on the walls, dark hardwood floors, and tray ceiling, aesthetically complement the elaborate interiors of this room. This massive table easily accommodates all your office tech gear and that of your little co-workers. The vintage-inspired cupboards maximize storage space, are great for displaying decorative items, and ensure all mess is elegantly tucked-away. What’s more, this room excels at double-duty; add more chairs, and voila! You’re ready to host your family for Halloween in your formal dining.

When Daniella Hoffman, Interior Designer from UBS styled this space, she carefully incorporated the latest trends. “People are looking for open, airy, and quick and easy – all mixed into one. The glass-front cabinets make the room feel more open, and it’s easy to grab-and-go when those tucked away items are needed.”

Design Tip: Go the unconventional route by converting a rustic dining table into an office or study desk. Swap the cupboards with open shelves. They work the same way and are part of the allure right now. According to Melanie, neutral can be beautiful, but one needs to be careful not to let it become too boring. “The best way to add interest when using a neutral color palette is to include multiple textures and subtle details. Even the simple addition of the nail-head trim on the desk chairs adds a lot of detail in this beautiful neutral design.”

View the floorplan of this two-story home: https://www.beazer.com/houston-TX/bluewater-lakes/heritage-collection/harper

Ultimately, working with interior trends take a little extra thought and care, but more importantly, it needs a home that is committed to innovation and quality. Whatever your choice – contemporary, traditional, eclectic, or minimalist – at Beazer, we ensure that your home is built to last, to support your evolving style, and become an inspiration board where the design results are going to be spectacular. We’re proud to have the quality of construction that not every builder can claim! Look out for more styling news, and visit www.beazer.com/ to find your dream home.

*All features, plans, and specifications are subject to availability, change or substitution deemed advisable by Beazer Homes.

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