Have you been looking for a new hobby to try? Hobbies can be an entertaining form of self-expression, and they don’t have to take much time or money to get started.

As you begin to enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle in a Gatherings® 55+ condo, you will quickly see that the days you once dedicated to tedious tasks required to maintain a home are long gone. Instead, with a new home that includes all your must-haves and the additional conveniences of living in a Gatherings community, you’ll start spending time focusing on YOU and pursuing what makes you happiest.

Here are a few hobbies you can start today from the comfort of your home. Now all you must do is decide which one you want to try first!


Not only is cooking a great way for you to eat healthy and more economical than dining out, but it is also a creative form of expression that you can share with the ones you love or with new friends you are just getting to know. Explore different recipes or take a cooking class online. If you usually bake, try grilling. If your side dishes are the first to go at a potluck, try your hand at a dessert from your favorite travel destination. From select amenity complexes featuring the outdoor grill area of your dreams (fully maintained!) to gourmet kitchens, Gatherings will entice your inner chef to explore new culinary techniques.

Teach yourself a new language

With apps like Duolingo and Babbel, learning a new language has never been more accessible. Try opening an app while in lines or waiting areas to pass otherwise wasted time with purpose. Look up translations for your grocery list to build your vocabulary or challenge yourself to learn the translation for one item in each place that you visit this week. Don’t forget to add the native country to your vision board so you can test your linguistic skills in the future and keep building on your newfound knowledge.

Creative writing

This is one of our favorite hobbies that you can enjoy from just about anywhere, and you don’t have to be a pro to do it right. Journaling, blogging, poems, and short stories are just a few ways you can easily start to express yourself through words. Your private patio or home office are perfect spots for you to let language flow and evolve your literary skills. Remember, don’t pressure or compare yourself to others when you begin the process. Just enjoy!


Create something in the shades of your imagination. A hobby with no boundaries, painting is an opportunity for relaxation, self-expression, and storytelling. So, pick your medium: oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pour out your emotions and feelings through art on canvas, ceramics, or even furniture.


Yes, a physical activity can be a hobby! And yoga is a great one to try because of its long list of benefits that have a positive effect on your body and mind. Get started by carving out 15 minutes of your day to dedicate to this ancient practice. You can even create a wellness space within your home to let your spirit soar.

Learn how to play an instrument

If simply listening to music can make you happy, can you imagine the joy of learning how to play an instrument? Thankfully new adult music learners can bring out their inner musician through online memberships like Yousician and Liberty Park Music which is like Netflix for music lessons. Picture this: A year from now you could be entertaining your friends and family with your sweet new musical skill!

Explore the unique elements that make Gatherings an ideal place to call home while pursuing your passions, old and new.


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