Beazer Homes is honored to receive the 2020 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award for the fifth consecutive year!

Exceeding ENERGY STAR® guidelines is central to Beazer Homes’ commitment to delivering Surprising Performance – more quality, more comfort, and more savings in every home it builds across 16 markets. The high-performance homes are the result of experienced people, industry-leading processes, and high-caliber materials that come standard in each Beazer home.

Beazer built more than 5,300 ENERGY STAR® certified homes in 2019, for a cumulative total of more than 63,000 homes since joining the program, and consistently educates consumers about the benefits of owning an ENERGY STAR® certified home.

Throughout the home building process, Beazer inspects “Every Home, Every Room, Every Day.” This mantra extends to our energy efficiency testing, as well. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS®) rating was developed to measure a home’s energy efficiency and to easily compare the energy performance of one home to another.

Some builders test samples of their homes to determine an average overall score. Every individual Beazer home is inspected, tested, and verified by an independent energy rater to give its own HERS® score. The average Beazer home has a HERS® score of 60-70, compared to a typical existing home with a score of 130. These relatively low scores correlate to higher energy efficiency, better performance, and result in lower energy costs for homeowners.

Focusing on durability and energy efficiency, Beazer has reduced greenhouse emissions by over 13,000 metric tons of CO₂ in 2019 alone. Since beginning their 100% ENERGY STAR® commitment in 2011, Beazer has saved the environment more than 102,000 metric tons of CO₂ equivalent emissions.


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