As the leaves begin to emerge and the flowers start to bloom, the time for spring maintenance arrives. Taking the time to do basic maintenance helps keep your home in good repair and leaves you time to enjoy the warmer weather. Let’s take a look at preventative home maintenance you can do this spring.

Get Your Gutters in Working Condition

Spring and summer often bring rain showers. Your gutters need to be in good condition to handle the falling water.

Start by removing leaves and debris. As you are working along the gutter, make note of any repairs needed. The gutter may have pulled away from the house or it may be leaking around the joints. Once the leaves and debris are gone, make the repairs.

Run water into the gutters via a garden hose. As the water flows, make sure it is going in the right direction and there are no additional leaks.

Weatherproof Your House

Winter is waning, but the heat of summer is fast approaching. It is important to keep your home weatherproof to prevent the heat of summer from making your home uncomfortable. Plus, weatherproofing home maintenance helps prevent the structure from deteriorating.

Take a walk around your house and look at the outside of your doors and windows. The caulk around the frames should be fresh and flexible. Replace any caulk that is deteriorating. If you find cracks, fill them. Repaint if needed.

Revamp Your Decks and Porches

One of the pleasures of warm weather is enjoying the outdoors. Decks and porches offer a place to do just that. Now is the time to get them ready for your first BBQ.

In time, even treated wood can start to deteriorate. Deck boards, railings, stairs, and other parts of the deck can start to loosen. The surface of the wood may have stains. Reattaching loose pieces and cleaning the surface is the first step in revamping the deck or porch. Replace any wood that is damaged.

Once the surface is clean and repairs have been made, it is time to seal, stain or paint the deck. This step isn’t necessary every spring but needs to be done as part of your home maintenance every two or three years.

Ensure Your Slopes are Correct

Water pools at the lowest point. If the slope of your yard goes down towards your foundation, that is where the water is going to go. And water pooling along your foundation can cause major problems if not corrected.

Use a water hose to check the flow of water through the yard. You can fill in low spots with compacted soil. If the compacted soil is not enough to correct the problem, you should consider adding a French drain or other drain solution to get water away from your foundation.

Get Your Heat Pump or Air Conditioner in Order

Your air conditioning system is going to be working overtime this summer. Spring is the time to get your heat pump or air conditioner ready for the heat to come.

Clean fallen leaves and debris from around the external unit. It requires clear airflow to work properly. If the metal fins on the external unit are dirty, use a gentle flow of water to clean them off.

Have an experienced HVAC technician examine and tune the system. This will ensure the entire system is working at peak efficiency. This will keep your home comfortable in even the hottest summers.

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