Thinking of getting away? Time to make a checklist of things to do before your next adventure! Of course, packing and buying cute vacation outfits can be included, but don’t forget to add a few housekeeping things that will help prep your home so you can enjoy a worry-free getaway. Here are a few things that are high on our priority list when it comes to prepping your home for being away.

Alert your alarm company/management company

Letting the alarm company or management company know that no one is home is a great idea! This one quick phone call can prompt for quicker responses when it comes to dispatching local authorities. Should your home be in a situation, the police could be dispatched immediately versus calling you at home first. And if you’re traveling outside of the country, be sure to leave them a local number to contact just in case first-responders need to enter your home.

Stop mail or newspaper delivery

One sure way to let people know you are not home is to have home deliveries sitting at your doorstep for days at a time. Contact your post office and magazine or newspaper subscriptions and let them know not to deliver to your door. As a back-up, let a trusted neighbor know that you will be out of town and have them pickup any doorstep deliveries for you.

Set automatic timers for your lights

This a quick and affordable tip. And so easy to use! All you do is set the timer to the time you usually arrive at home. Then, choose the most visible room that can be seen from the outdoors and plug in your electronics. The most popular choices are lamps or your TV to give the illusion that someone is home. And don’t forget to set your timers to automatically shut off at a certain time, too.

Prepping for vacation is so much easier when you are part of a neighborly community. The lock and leave lifestyle offered by Gatherings® makes it easy to enjoy time away with less worries. Gatherings gives you the comfort of access-controlled entries (only residents with key cards can enter the building), mail stations to prevent visible deliveries building up at your door, and nearby neighbors who value community and keep an eye out while you are out and about.

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