With the experience of nine generations of builders, Beazer Homes has designed and built each of its homes to provide more quality, more comfort, and more savings from the moment you move in. We call it Surprising Performance.

How we do it? It all comes down to our people, process, and materials—together, we’re able to build high-performing homes that save you money every month. It’s a pleasant and welcome surprise for more than 192,000 homeowners who call a Beazer community home.

High-Caliber Materials

Walk in to any Beazer home, whether it’s a model or your own, and you’ll be surrounded by top-of-the-line materials we hand pick for their quality and durability. From fixtures to framing, everything you see (and everything beneath the surface) is sourced by our team in collaboration with best-in-class partners.

We choose our materials for their durability, functionality, and style. And we choose certain materials, such as weather barriers, windows, insulation, and appliances, because they contribute to energy efficiency, so you can enjoy the surprising savings of a high-performing home. Together, with our national partners, we make every Beazer home built to last.

A Peek into our Process

From how to install the entire Dupont™ Tyvek® weatherization system, to the best ways to apply Sherwin-Williams® paint, we are continually honing our processes to make the most of the top products in each home. These are just a couple of ways Beazer, and our homeowners, benefit from the expertise and innovation of our national partners.

We also go above and beyond the ENERGY STAR® standards, testing each home to provide wall-to-wall comfort. Several builders tout energy-efficient homes, but few take the necessary steps to ensure every home meets the most current requirements of ENERGY STAR®. Beazer exceeds those requirements on every house, every time. Because of our focus on energy efficiency, we’re proud to be named an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year with the sustained excellence designation for our continual partnership.

Finally, our in-house quality assurance program (Safety, Schedule, Quality) consists of internal inspections that ensure ‘Every Home, Every Room, Every Day’ is inspected throughout the build of your home. This commitment helps us ensure our homes meet high-quality standards and that each home will meet the expectations of third-party inspections. Our homes are also inspected by Quality Built, the nation’s most trusted third-party quality assurance solutions provider.

It’s a “wrap” on Instagrammer yogi_bex’s home, protected against the elements with energy efficient Dupont™ Tyvek® weatherization system.

Our People

Our team is made up of visionaries, teachers, leaders, hard workers, and people lovers. Our shared purpose is to create lasting value for homeowners and their families. We strive to provide outstanding customer care from the moment you walk into our sales center, until long after you’ve opened the door to your new home.  Our experienced team of new home counselors, designers, builders, and customer care representatives are there for you every step of the way.

Get More in a New Home with Beazer

We pride ourselves in offering each homeowner more quality, more comfort, and more savings in each home. Standing behind that promise are the materials, processes, and people, time-tested over nine generations of homebuilding, to make your dream home a reality that stands the test of time.  


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