Use a bold and bright-colored pattern.

A nice bold geometric patterned wallpaper can really amplify a space and make it seem more expansive. If you have a small bathroom, bright colored wall tile can really make a difference.

Place mirrors strategically for the illusion of more space.

Mirrors in a room add an elegant touch, but they also reflect light, making a small room appear bigger.

Use light neutral colors in living spaces.

We’re talking light grays, beiges, greiges, and even white. These colors have a light, airy feel to them and will help open up any room.

Hang shelves near the ceiling.

It might seem awkward at first, but a perfectly placed shelf can draw the eyes upward, giving you high ceilings, without really having high ceilings.

Forgo the blinds and try curtains instead.

The key here is bringing in more light because light can instantly make a room feel bigger. If you’re worried about privacy, opt for a darker shade of curtains.

A dramatic art piece goes a long way.

A large piece of bold artwork will attract attention and can draw away from how small a room may be.

Use rugs to separate one room into smaller spaces.

Using a few different rugs in one large space can make it seem like you have several distinct spaces.

Use lamps instead of overhead lights.

Overhead lights can be blinding. They tend to pool all of the light in one spot. Place lamps around a small room to draw the eye to different corners.

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