If you are like me, Fall is always a busy time of year and the events just keep on coming! If you are planning on hosting a party, I have a few simple DIYs and tips for you that will make the details pop in your home. Even if you aren’t having an event, these tips are perfect for Fall décor and you can easily transition these into the winter months, too.


Tip: Set the Table

Most of us have a 5-piece flatware set that we use but most people aren’t sure how to arrange them! I am here to help. The picture you see is foolproof and you always want to work from the outside in when you are eating a meal.


The way to position them (from left to right is)

SEKSB – Salad, Entrée, Knife, Small Spoon, Big Spoon

The entrée fork and the knife are always closest to the plate.


Layering is always a good idea, and you can start with a charger at the bottom, next the entrée plate, and the salad plate on top. I also love adding the napkin in between the plates because it adds a pop of color to the table and softens the place setting.



Tip: DIY Centerpiece

I love having fresh floral arrangements when I entertain, but I don’t always have the budget or the time to make them. Instead, you could make your own in two minutes. Choose your vase, then go outside and trim a bush or a tree that needs a little manicuring. My queen palm needed some help, so I trimmed a few pieces and placed them in the vases. The trick is to take one or two from each vase and spray paint them to match the theme of your party. For this fall theme, I spray painted them copper and it makes such a huge difference and looks stunning. This would also work well with boxwoods and magnolia branches!



Tip: Do Your Guests A Favor

Not only do people like attending parties, but they also love getting practical and useful favors. Especially when they are personalized. I always try to double my favors as place settings and I am able to kill two birds with one stone! I found these darling little bottles with a cork top at a craft store for $1.49 and added rosemary infused olive oil to them. Then I added little tags with twine to the top that had every guests name on it. You can add it where they need to sit and they can take it home and your friends and family can break bread and think of you when they use it. It is an affordable and clever way to show your guests that you are thankful for them!



Tip: Velvet Pumpkins are Forever

I love real pumpkins as much as the next girl, but let’s face it. They don’t last very long, and they can get expensive. I decided to buy velvet pumpkins in neutral tones (gray and white) and I am able to keep them forever. They can be used anywhere and I don’t have to worry about them ruining any surfaces. I had this neat vintage mechanic crate and I put them in as a little vignette in our living room and it’s also where we keep our throws. If that doesn’t say cozy fall, I don’t know what does!



I hope you love these trending fall décor and design tips and use them in your home too! Happy Fall Y’all!




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