Sometimes the people you work with feel like family. Sometimes, they are family! Meet Eileen Timoney and Kathleen Lanci, two members of the sales team in Phoenix.  Kathleen is a new home counselor at Morning Sun Farms in San Tan Valley, and Eileen is a new home counselor at June Skies in Laveen.

Kathleen Lanci’s Beazer career began 16 years ago. “I absolutely love my job. Every day is new and exciting,” she says. “I get to meet people and go on the journey with them as they create their new dream home. I feel so lucky to be a part of this.”

In 2012, due to the aftermath of superstorm Sandy in New York, Eileen lost her home and all that was in it. She was encouraged by her sister to come to Arizona to get her real estate license and start a new life. “I knew she would feel the love and support that she needed to make this huge change,” Kathleen shared.

“My sister always talked about how she loved her job and how exciting and fun it was to work with Beazer. I was fortunate that Beazer gave me the same opportunity and chance to work here. This opportunity changed my whole life,” Eileen says.

A Little Competition, A Lot of Support

Eileen: “I have been blessed getting to work with my sister. She is an unbelievable new home counselor and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than her. Lucky me. Yes, we can be a little competitive. The competition is always a good thing because it brings out the best in both of us, but at the end of the day, we will always cheer each other on. We’ll always have each other’s back.”

Kathleen: “I am [Eileen’s] biggest fan! It took tremendous courage to change careers and for her to leave behind everything she knew as “home.” Eileen has become one of Beazer’s Best! I was lucky enough to experience the President’s club as a top salesperson, and this is something I hope my sister will get to experience as well… I know she can do it!”

Building Homes, Building Relationships

“I’ve loved every minute of new home sales. Getting to share the excitement with the buyer and being on the journey with them to the end is something I truly enjoy. I usually tell most buyers Beazer doesn’t just build homes. We also build relationships,” Eileen said.

Kathleen’s son is now getting his real estate license, too.  “His motivation has been from watching me and my sister come home and tell him about all the wonderful ways we have helped families build the houses they call HOME,” Kathleen said.

In 16 years, she’s come to call Beazer her “second family,” keeping friendships with members of the through the years even as their careers take them to new places.

“Some of the people have left Beazer and then came back. They realized that Beazer is not just a new home company, but it really is an extended family. In our work environment we are respected, nurtured, empowered and taught the value of teamwork,” Kathleen told us.


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