This is a guest post from Jessica Belvedere, an interior design blogger (follow her @livelikeamother) and a Beazer Homeowner in Florida.

I knew as soon as we built our Beazer home we wanted to start planning where furniture was going to go and map out every square inch of our new home. I have put together a few easy and effective interior design tips for your floors and walls that will make a big impact.

Mirror Placement

Keep It in View

Look around your house and make sure each mirror is within view. Placing a mirror above a fireplace or a space that is higher than you are is not ideal. Rather than a mirror try a piece of custom artwork or a family portrait to display.

Use it as a Window

If you have a dark room and want to create additional light, make sure you have a large mirror in the space. Place the mirror opposite the window and you will instantly create more light and a piece of art to look at. Anywhere you place a mirror, be mindful of what it is reflecting.

Versatility is Key

Don’t be afraid to place a large mirror on the floor and lean it against the wall. It can double as a piece of furniture while giving you the same effect of mounting it on a wall. You can also use mirrors in a gallery wall of pictures and it will create interest and mix it up! If you are placing it over a piece of furniture, make sure the mirror isn’t wider than the furniture beneath it. It will throw off the scale.

Gallery Wall Tips

Before You Hang Anything

Lay the frames and décor you will be using on the floor to get an idea of the spacing and overall look. Don’t forget to measure and take a picture with your phone to remember the placement.


Start Center

Start with the center focal image for your gallery wall. Use a level to hang the first couple of frames. If the first row is slanted, the whole gallery will be off and we don’t want that!

Think Outside the Frame

Don’t be intimidated with this project and don’t be afraid to use objects in addition to frames. It adds so much depth and is unexpected. Think clocks, metal letters, and architectural pieces.

Rug Size Matters

Bigger is Better

Bigger is usually better when it comes to rug size. When you are placing furniture on an area rug in a living area make sure at least the front legs of the couch are on the rug. The same goes for chairs if you are trying to create a cozy and cohesive space.

Get Leggy

In a dining room make sure the rug you choose is large enough so that when your guests pull out their chair to sit in it the back legs are still on the rug. If they are touching the floor, the rug it is too small. Give yourself 18- 24” around the perimeter of a table and you should be safe!

Layer it Up!

Don’t be afraid to layer rugs. Start with a neutral bottom rug and make sure you have at least one to two feet of space so you can see a clear visual difference with the rugs. Hide-style rugs are a popular option and since it is an uneven shape, it creates contrast and difference.

I hope you loved these tips to make your house a home! Interior design is the best way to express your personality and living in a Beazer Home takes it to another level.

More About The Author

Jessica Belevdere is a mom of 2, designer and blogger at She has a passion for any and all interior decor and DIY projects and a proud Beazer homeowner. Jessica believes that interior design less is more and loves sharing tips and tricks for making your house a home. Follow along with her as she shares the latest design trends on the Beazer Homes blog.



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