Expand your outdoor space with the newly popular style of growing a vertical garden. Homeowners can easily use the unused vertical space of their outdoor areas by getting creative with their gardening style. Here are some reasons why you should have a vertical garden in or around your new home.

It Saves Space

No matter the size of your space, vertical gardens benefit homeowners with any amount of space for an outdoor garden.  Many homeowners take advantage of every inch of their space by installing vertical gardens in their outdoor area.

Lots of vertical gardens can’t support large fruits and vegetables, but there is still plenty of growth potential. For instance, gardeners produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in an unconventional space like a vertical garden. Many popular vertical garden plants include strawberries, lettuce, peas, beans, and herbs. Free up your outdoor space by choosing to install a vertical garden instead of using precious ground space. Then it can be used for other things like lawn games, outdoor seating, and other activities.

You Can Grow Your Own Groceries

Gardening has many beneficial aspects but one of the best is that you can grow your very own food just steps from your door. Growing food is not only a great teaching opportunity if you have kids but it also provides fresh food that supports the local environment. Your plants and blooms allow local pollinators to use them as well as support other plants in your area. Of the many gardening tips it’s all about knowing what to grow, and by doing so this will cut down what you’re spending at the grocery store as well as give you easy access to healthy food that you grew yourself.

Allows You to Conserve Resources

When you have a traditional garden, most homeowners end up watering lots of soil that will never produce anything. Vertical gardens take up less space and the soil that is used is directly correlated to the plant’s benefit. You won’t be spending time and money watering a lot of soil but will only be watering the soil that is in direct contact with each plant. Also, many vertical gardens benefit from having a simple drip irrigation system that is easy to install because no digging is required.

It Adds Interest To Your Home

If you find yourself entertaining friends in your new home, making a vertical garden is a way that can easily add interest to your home. Friends will ask about what you are doing with the garden and will want to know how they can do the same thing in their backyard. Vertical gardens are a great way to create conversations as well as provide depth and character to your home.

You can purchase a pre-made vertical garden that will be easy to use and will decorate your outdoor space. If there is a wall or spot of your outdoor area that looks a little drab consider installing an outdoor garden to act as both a source of living plants but also to provide beauty as a living art installation for your home.

Allows You to Recycle Materials

Lots of vertical gardens, especially DIY options, take advantage of reusing other products. Vertical gardens can be made out of a wide range of recyclable materials including yogurt cups, plastic jugs, or plastic 2-liter bottles. Other containers that can be used include anything that can hold a little bit of soil and can get wet. We’ve even seen items like old work boots to hold a plant on a tiered vertical plant stand.

There are so many benefits to adding a vertical garden to an outdoor living area. Homeowners will save space by using often unused vertical space of their backyard. Not to mention, they can save time and money on weeding and watering a more efficient garden area.

Using recyclable materials also greatly helps the environment making a vertical garden a great choice for homeowners. Consider these tips to help you decide to grow a vertical garden in your own outdoor living space.


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