Quick Move-In home available in Orlando, FL.

When searching for a new home there are many factors to consider. While many of our homeowners choose to build their homes from the ground up with us, we also offer Quick Move-in homes in almost every city where Beazer builds.

Building your home with Beazer allows you to personalize your home in many aspects of the final product. However, there are many reasons why a Quick Move-in home might be beneficial to you and your family.


There are a series of milestones (steps), over a few months, when building a new home with us from breaking ground to new home orientation.  For some future homeowners, time is of the essence and getting into your new home must happen quickly and thereby building from the ground up may not be as favorable.  For instance, if you are relocating for a job starting soon or would like to be settled in before children start school on a certain date. In these cases, a quick move home, which may be ready now, is a more ideal option.

This Quick Move-In kitchen is ready for you in Myrtle Beach, SC.

A Simplified Design Process

Some people love to choose every detail of their home and spend time deciding on which countertop and paint colors they love. On the other hand, some would prefer to have a professional do all the deciding for them. With Quick Move-In homes, our Beazer design professionals help to make the choices in your home as it’s built and you get the chance to see it all together in a streamlined process.  You can literally walk in and see the exact home you will be purchasing.

Depending on the stage in which you purchase, a Quick Move-in home, there may be an opportunity to personalize some aspects of the home that haven’t been completed yet. In this case, you are getting the expedited timeline of a Quick Move-in but a little more choice in how the final product will turn out. In that case, you can have the best of both worlds!

Quick Move-In home available in Atlanta, GA.

Quick Move-In home available in Atlanta, GA.

Quick Move-In vs. Resale Homes

Another option you may have when considering a Quick Move-In home might be a previously owned home. With a resale home, it may come with a list of things you would like to change and other major replacements that have seen wear and tear from former inhabitants. With a Beazer Quick Move-In home, you know you are getting the latest trends in color and design. Plus it’s a fresh and clean blank slate where you can start your new life. Also, with Beazer’s Energy Efficiency standards you are getting a home built to conserve energy and save you money.



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