At Beazer, we take great care in building relationships with the partners who contribute to the delivery of comfortable, durable and energy efficient homes. This new series introduces you to each of our amazing partners, starting with Sherwin-Williams.

The History of Sherwin Williams

Founded in 1866 by Henry A. Sherwin and Edward P. Williams in Cleveland, Ohio, Sherwin-Williams was the first of its kind. Before the company’s founding, painters mixed their own paint for use on commercial and residential buildings as the ready-made paint at the time was of such poor quality. Once Sherwin-Williams’ Painter Prepared Paint hit the market with their satisfaction guarantee, the world’s first successful ready-made paint was born.

An advertisement for the first can of Sherwin Williams paint.

Cover the Earth

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the White House, Sherwin-Williams paints have covered surfaces across the country and the world. Hence, their famous “Cover the Earth” logo. This logo has been in use since 1905 with the exception of a few brief years in the 1970s. 

Today, Sherwin-Williams is known for being at the forefront of color trends and formulation advancements. We are always excited to see their “Color of the Month” and “Color of the Year” when they are announced. Sherwin-Williams also shares many inspirational images and DIY projects on their social media and website. They lead paint innovations, introducing industry-changing products like the resealable tin can, Kem-Tone, a water-based paint, and Super Paint, the first paint with a 10-year warranty.

Oceanside: The 2018 Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams + Beazer Homes

Sherwin-Williams has been our exclusive paint partner since 2012. Their long-standing history and reputation of quality made Sherwin-Williams an easy choice. During Beazer’s design process, homeowners choose paint colors from a variety of Sherwin Williams colors available in their community.

A Beazer nursery accented with Sherwin Williams paint.

According to Joseph Starr, the Director of National Accounts at Beazer, “Sherwin-Williams has been an ideal partner to work with in every sense. Not only are they are a well-respected industry leader, they make exceptional products and dedicate the resources necessary to help our customers make confident color selections. Sherwin-Williams paint makes a perfect accent to any Beazer home.”

Not All Looks

Paint color is one of the fun parts, and Sherwin-Williams helps make our homes beautiful. It’s not just the final touch—our partnership includes specialized training for Beazer builders, so each home benefits from a quality application, ensuring the paint provides easy cleaning and retouch properties.

“The secret sauce in our relationship is that as partners, we leverage our application and product knowledge, training skill set, specification and onsite availability to train the Beazer team. Not all builders partner this way! That is why it’s more than just paint…it’s the support and commitment to make sure that paint is appropriately applied to provide the optimal benefit to the homeowner.” – Bryan Draga, Director of Marketing at Sherwin Williams

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