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How to Use Paint For an Instant Room Refresh

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Decorating a home is what gives it style. It’s an extension of yourself and defines your living space—yet sometimes after the dust settles and we’re used to seeing the same rooms day in and day out, even the coolest areas can feel stale. Maybe your bedroom has lost its luster or your dining room feels boring. It happens to the best of us, but with a little paint and some creativity, you can make any room pop with pizzazz.

Color Your View

If you really want to make over a space, a surefire way is to paint the whole room. Adding color to a neutral room will completely transform it. Lighter colors can make a room feel much larger, whereas dark colors will add texture and depth, so it’s important to test some colors out before you commit. Also, you go can go one step further with crinkle paper painting. It will mask any surface imperfections and will make those walls look even more decorative.

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Paint An Accent Wall

There’s a lot to be said about an accent wall, but it’s important to keep in mind that the accent wall will take center stage, so you want to choose what works best. The key factors here are deciding which wall to paint and what color to use. Would painting the ceiling give the desired effect you want or would the side wall do the trick?

Does this room have white crown molding? Then consider a darker or more vivid color for contrast. The trick is to tailor it to your style.

Freshen the Frames

If painting an entire room or even doing an accent wall seems too daunting to tackle, there are smaller scale accents that will still accomplish a color pop—like your windows.

Window frames are often painted white to match the wall. Boring, right? Imagine what some color can do to each of those frames. Contrast is key, but don’t forget about consistency. If you have a lot of blue in the room, lighter (or darker) blue-hued frames may be what ties it all together.

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Color Some Furniture

For those of you with some functional wooden furniture, this could be the key to sprucing things up. Wood furniture is mostly warm and rustic, but if it’s outdated, it can also look pretty bland. If you’re in need of color, try painting that chair you have in the corner.  Or maybe even that coffee table you got at a yard sale. The cool thing about painting furniture like this is you can go for different colors. A unifying color is something you want when you plot a color scheme, but if you’re just painting a couple pieces, different colors can add some interesting variation.

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