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With experts increasingly expecting the recent pickup in mortgage interest rates to continue over time, you may have mixed feelings about considering a new home.  But there is good news!  Today’s interest rates are still historically low, making now a great time to buy. 

Additionally, with Beazer’s Mortgage Choices Program, our vetted, preferred lenders are forced to compete for your business.  This gives you the advantage, especially in a rising rate environment.    

Here are the benefits of Beazer’s Mortgage Choices Program:

  • Preferred lenders’ competitive rates and fees, along with diverse product portfolios, save you time and money to ensure you get the right loan for your needs
  • Lenders manage the entire process to minimize delays, so your loan is ready when your new home is

While we can’t be certain what mortgage interest rates will do, buyers who choose to wait to purchase a new home may face some tough decisions if rates increase.

What happens if I wait?

1)      Pay more per month for the home you want


2)      Sacrifice house size or features to maintain a monthly payment that’s within your budget

Talk to our preferred lenders today and learn how to protect your mortgage interest rate while your new home is being built.  Stay up to date with the latest news about mortgage interest rate changes by connecting with Beazer Homes on Facebook and Twitter.

*Interest rate forecasts are speculative – market rates may move up or down.  Actual rates and loan terms will vary, depending on available loan programs and your individual financial circumstances.  Beazer Homes is not a mortgage lender or broker.  You should consult with a mortgage lender or broker of your choice to obtain information about mortgage loan terms and qualifications.  Mortgage lenders and brokers are independent of Beazer Homes and are responsible for their own products, services, and incentives.  © 2017 Beazer Homes.


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