LinkedIn for Real Estate


It’s no secret that social media can lead to sales. Top realtors command strong followings on visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but if you’re looking for more leads, try LinkedIn! Read more for tips straight from the experts at on setting up a promising profile, optimizing your page and leveraging those hard-earned connections for an even more successful year ahead.

1. Setting Up Your LinkedIn Page for Real Estate:
First thing’s first, you need a great profile page. One so nice that it’ll stop any prospect or competitor real estate agent in their tracks and think to themselves “This is someone I need to connect with.”

Setting up your LinkedIn profile is quite similar to how you would set up your real estate business page on Facebook.

You’ll need to complete a few key things:

  • a great profile photo
  • a snazzy, eye-catching cover photo
  • a bio that clearly lets prospects know who you are and what you’re about
  • add your accolades and accomplishments

2. Choosing the Right Profile Picture:
There are a few factors to be considered when choosing the right profile picture for your LinkedIn profile. The most important being that it should be a photo that looks professional and is consistent with your brand and your real estate business. Maybe it’s the same photo that you’ve used throughout your other social media accounts or maybe it’s the photo you’ve used on your website. Whichever it is that you decide, be sure that you look great and it’s recognizable.

Bonus tip: Choose the same profile photo that you have used throughout your other social channels for consistency and to become recognizable to your prospects that are following on any given social media platform. 

3. Choosing the Right Cover Photo:
Unlike your profile photo, your cover photo is where you can get more creative and really showcase your real estate business. Use this opportunity to highlight your accolades. Whether you’ve won an award or you’re considered as the top agent in your marketplace, don’t be afraid to include that in your cover photo.

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