Look around, fall is in full swing (and winter is right on our heels)! Across the country, temperatures are steady dipping, causing homeowners to want to crank up the heat to keep cozy. But how do you stay warm indoors without going broke? See below for five tips to keep your tootsies toasty while saving on energy bills this season:

 5 Tips for Keeping Warm Indoors This Season

  1. Update the Drapes – One of the easiest ways to lose heat in your home is through the windows. In cooler temps, change out your window coverings to thick curtains with thermal lining. During the day, keep them open to let the sunlight in. Then in the evening, close the curtains to trap the heat inside. This is a relatively cheap option to keep your home insulated. For the thrifty and/or handy homeowner, you can also line your existing curtains with fleece material purchased from local craft stores as an alternative.


  1. Invest in a Rug. While hardwood and tile floors are undoubtedly on-trend and popular with new homebuyers, they can also contribute to heat loss during cooler months. To keep your tootsies from turning into icicles, add thick rugs to your most highly-trafficked areas. Also, if you notice any cracks in grout or baseboards lining doorways, now’s the time to make repairs and keep the draught out. Remember to check the weather stripping too.


  1. Forget the Open Door Policy – While keeping every door in your home open certainly creates an inviting environment, it also makes your heating system work harder than it should. Make sure to shut the doors of all unused rooms, so the air doesn’t have to circulate as much. Bonus: you’ll also get some added privacy while you cry watching your favorite holiday movies!


  1. Make Your Schedule Work for You – For those of us that keep the house empty for 40 hours (plus) a week, there’s no need to heat it while you’re away. Set timers for your heating system so that temperatures lower during the day and heat up when you’re back home. While everyone loves coming home to a toasty house, you don’t want to burn a hole through your wallet!


  1. Fan the Flames – While we all know ceiling fans help circulate the air to keep us cooler in spring and summer, they can also provide a lesson in physics during fall and winter. Since warm air rises, you can reverse the direction of your fan to help push that air flow back toward the ground. The trick is to keep the setting on low, so you don’t stir up a wind gust.

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By: Lindsey LeHeup

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