The coffee table is one of the most-utilized yet underappreciated pieces of furniture in any home. While frequently overlooked, it truly acts as the centerpiece of a living area, providing a myriad of uses. For most, it’s the final resting place for guilty pleasure gossip magazines, the communal picnic area for football watch party snacks and somehow the gathering place for the weeks’ worth of coffee chugged before running out the door.

While the utilitarian approach can sometimes translate to effortlessly chic, it can also be a sign that your living area is turning into cluttered chaos. So, ditch the mess and create a stylish focal point to set the tone of your space with these six easy tips, courtesy of

How to Style a Coffee Table

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1. The Four Corners: The premise of this approach is that all four corners of the coffee table are weighted equally so that the entire surface feels balanced. All four corners can be styled differently, but their visual weight is the roughly same. Sometimes, one corner have a bit more “pop” than the other corners, especially when flowers or another similar organic material are used. There is also sometimes an added element in the center of the table.

2. The Contained Grouping: Grouping together a collection of dissimilar items and placing them in a beautiful serving or decorative tray creates cohesion to the display. This type of approach is particularly good if your coffee table has an uneven surface (for example, like that of a tufted ottoman) or if your items don’t show well when placed directly on the surface of the coffee table.

3. Sweet & Simple: This is just as the name implies because sometimes, less is more. Simplicity of design allows us to focus on other elements in the room and also allows for a bit of breathing space. Plus, depending on how you use your coffee table, this might be the most practical approach! In my home, my son likes to do his homework at the coffee table so I have to keep things simple in order to give him ample room for his papers, books and mounds of eraser dust.

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