Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to get your home ready for fall. Whether you’re preparing for hurricane season or bracing for upcoming winter storms, now is the best time to perform routine maintenance checks. Here are some seasonal home maintenance tips to make sure your home is in peak condition:

5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

  • Seal the Deal – Before the temperatures turn frigid, inspect and reinforce the seals within your home. Check foundation cracks, caulking around windows and weather stripping around doors to keep the heat from escaping. These small fixes will help to keep you warm year-round and help save on energy bills in fall and winter.


  • Take it to the Top – Depending on the age of your home, you should have a reputable professional check the integrity of your roof. While they’re up there, don’t forget to make sure the gutters are clean and check the chimney for blockages. You want to make sure that fireplace is ready to use at a moment’s notice!


  • Winterize Walkways – Depending on where you live in the country, you may have to worry about getting your car up your driveway and into the garage in all kinds of weather. Before the precipitation turns to icy, check the sidewalks, steps and driveways around your home for any cracks that need to be filled.


  • Prepare the Air – Heating your home safely is of upmost importance. Hire a professional to examine your heating system, wood stove or furnace before kicking it on for the first time this season. It’s a good idea to check any noisy belts, ducts and filters to make sure the system is as efficient as possible.


  • Sound the Alarm – Before baking your favorite pumpkin pie or preparing grandma’s famous roast, make sure your home’s safety systems are in working order. Take some time to test all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors, check the expiration dates on fire extinguishers and review emergency plans with family members. While they’re not the most glamorous of tasks, they’ll provide you with peace of mind that is priceless this season.


By: Lindsey LeHeup

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