How to Keep Energy Costs Down

With the unrelenting summer heat, we’re all cranking our AC for some relief. While higher utility bills are almost impossible to avoid this season, there are a few ways to reduce the strain on your wallet. Beat rising energy costs with these helpful tips:

  1. Take Back the Power: Fixed rate electricity contracts are a great way to take control of your monthly spending, no matter the season. If you’re on a fixed budget, the security of knowing the cost of your electric bill each month can bring peace of mind. Fixed rate plans also offer price protection if industry energy prices rise and offer flexible terms to meet your needs.
  1. Get With the Program: While you’re away from home working all day, make your air conditioning units work for you. Programmable thermostats allow you to raise the temperature higher while you’re out and automatically lower to your preferred temperature at your return. These automated systems are estimated to lead to an annual energy savings of 20 to 30 percent. Just don’t forget to turn on those ceiling fans for Rover!
  1. Dress the Part: Window dressings are must-haves in the summer months. Whether your style dictates blinds, plantation shutters or curtains, window coverings help to keep the blistering sun at bay. When solar rays are shielded, your air conditioning will run more efficiently, taking less energy to cool your home and its occupants. For an added layer of protection, plant shade-providing trees and bushes that will provide a cool place to sit for years to come.
  1. Avoid the Oven: Can’t stand the heat in the kitchen? It’s time to get out! The oven can be a true energy-suck for both the cook and the house itself. Rising temperatures in the kitchen can kick the AC into overdrive, producing excess energy that increases your utility bill. Enjoy dining out, ordering in, or simply grilling outside to reduce costs.


Did You know: Every Beazer home in every community is built to ENERGY STAR standards, is tested, and receives an individual ENERGY STAR certification. This means your new Beazer home is built to conserve energy & reduce your monthly costs!Learn more about Beazer’s commitment to energy efficiency, here.

By: Lindsey LeHeup

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