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Moving into your brand new home will be an exciting time! When planning out how to make your move, there are a few key points you should consider. Here are some tips to allow you to move without the worry of how you will get your items from point A to point B.


How Will You Move?
Before it’s time to actually make your move, take the time to set out a plan. How are you going to move your belongings? How much stuff do you have? What sort of items do you need to move with you? All of these will help you determine the best method for you to move your items from A to B.

  • The Moving Truck – you’ve probably had experience in moving with a moving truck before. Make sure you determine what size truck you need. This blog post can help you do that.
  • The Trailer – it’s possible to complete your move with a moving trailer. Again, think of how much stuff you have and what your needs are. Is there a trailer that can fit your needs? (Check out this blog post to see what size is best for you.) If you have more stuff than the average person, you can always tow a trailer with the largest moving truck to get the most space as possible.
  • The Moving Container – U-Box moving containers are one of the easiest moving solutions out there. With 3 different methods of using these portable storage units, you are able to use these as just extra space during your move, a way to transport items yourself locally or even have everything you need delivered to your new home for you. (Read this blog post to see if moving containers fit your moving needs.)


Who Will Help You Move?
Let’s be honest—friends are always the best help you can get. You may love them, but they don’t necessarily want to spend their time moving someone else’s belongings, nor do they have the knowledge of how to do things most efficiently. Moving Helpers are experts in moving. They will get the job done in the fasted and most secure manner possible. Bonus – you will also have to avoid your friends guilt tripping you into helping them the next time they move.


Budgeting for Your Move and Moving Supplies
Every move is slightly different from the next, just as the like the people involved in the moves. Thankfully, there is a moving calculator to help you determine which moving supplies will be right for you and how many of each will be needed. Pick how many bedrooms you are moving, some of the things you are going to be taking with you, and easily see exactly what you should use and what the cost of those items will be. This is a great way to plan ahead and make sure that you will have the funds necessary to make your move happen.



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