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Congratulations on purchasing your home! Since you went through the whole process and chose a new home versus existing, it’s important to protect your new home on moving day. The last thing you would want is your brand new flooring to be scuffed and damaged during the moving process. Here are a few tools you can use to make sure your home stays in mint condition during your move!

There are a variety of  dollies that you can choose to use on moving day. Each dolly style has a purpose and when used properly can be a real back- saver come move time.

  • Utility Dolly or hand truck is great for boxes!
  • Furniture Dolly is a four wheel folly that should be used to move dressers, chests, wall units, etc.
  • Appliance Dolly is your go-to when you need to move your washer/dryer, stoves, etc.

The use of these dollies not only cuts your moving time by doubling your efforts, but it also prevents damage from furniture, boxes or other items being dragged through your carpet.

Dolly Wheel Covers
These covers can aid in preventing nicks and scratches to your flooring. It will prevent the wheels from picking up rocks or gravel from outside. For an added step of protection, you can use wheel covers for your dollies when it’s time to bring your items in the house.

Don’t underestimate this supply. Tarp can prevent dust and debris from collecting on counters or areas that need special care.

Oil Eating Microbes
You read that right- Oil. Eating. Microbes. This product can be used for accidental oil leaks or spills in your garage or driveway. Try this Universal Cleaner to aid in grease stain removal!

Uhaul, new home, moving, moving tips

Ask for Help
We all know that moving usually means heavy lifting. Accidents typically happen on moving day when we’re tired, try to take on too much, etc. If you plan on a DIY move, you can still opt for Moving Help. These professionals can help make sure your items are unloaded with care while also keeping your new home in mind. You can book local laborers in two-hour increments.

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