Spring Garden


Spring has sprung in many parts of the United States, and is right around the corner for others. Now is the time to finally get outside and take advantage of warm, but not yet hot, temperatures and bring your garden back to life. Here are some things you can do now to ensure your garden thrives all spring long.

1)    Get a plan together. Planning is the first and most important part of any project. Examine your landscape. Take an inventory of what you have and decide what you will need. Do you have a solid shovel and wheelbarrow?  What type of springs plants and flowers would you like to pick up from the local garden center? It’s best to figure out your needs, and your shopping list in advance.

2)    Do some spring gardening homework. Know the right time of year to plant different varieties of bushes and flowers. Also, ensure that the type of plants you desire in your yard and garden can withstand the climate of your area.

3)    Clear away yard waste. Leaves and twigs may have accumulated during the fall and winter months. Also, harsh winter winds may have blown unwanted debris into your yard. It’s a good idea to set aside a day prior to when you plan to start working on your spring garden to clean-up and organizing.

4)    Break up the soil. Before you begin planting, use gardening tools to break up the ground in the designated area of your yard to ensure the soil is ready for new growth.

Once you have your plan in order, have gone over all of your spring gardening research, cleaned up the yard a bit, and have your ground and soil prepared, you should be ready to kickoff your spring gardening and landscaping and start planting the beautiful greenery you purchased.

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