There’s a nip in the air and the leaves are starting to change colors. Now that the busiest season for gardening is starting to wind down, it’s time to think about fall landscaping chores. Fall is the perfect time to do some housekeeping in your garden. It’s important to get your lawn and landscaping ready for the winter and there are several steps you can take now to make sure your garden is beautiful next spring.

3 fall lawn and gardening tips

Pruning and Trimming

When the temperatures begin to fall many plants prepare for the winter by going dormant. This is the ideal time to trim away dead foliage and stems. Dead leaves and stems can provide a home for insects and pests that can be harmful to plants. It’s best to trim dead growth, while leaving leaves that haven’t fallen yet to keep your plants safe and more attractive. Pay special attention to summer blooms.  Butterfly Bush, Crepe Myrtle, and Potentilla all do better the following summer if you prune them in the fall months when their dormant making it easier for new growth when the warmer months roll back around.


As the cool months start to approach, adding mulch to your garden beds, and around trees, retains heat to protect your plants from the cold, along with moister to keep them healthy. This easy-to-do gardening task benefits your pocketbook and your garden resulting in less watering to maintain an attractive and healthy garden in the new season. Before you start, make sure the garden beds are clear of debris and dead plant matter. Also, remove any weeds from your beds and around your trees before fall mulching to prevent excessive weed growth in the future.

Fall Planting

Fall gardening season is a great time to plant. As the season winds down, your local nursery will have the best bargains of the year. The nurseries are eager to sell plants, shrubs and trees before December when new inventory will start to arrive for the spring gardening season. Popular flowers to add to your garden in the fall include Plentifall Pansies, Bluestars, and Mums. While greens such as kale, lettuce, and collards do well in the coolers months too.

Start your pruning, trimming, mulching and planting this weekend to ensure you have a beautiful garden all year long. Join the conversation with Beazer Homes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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