Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, or an empty-nester looking to downsize, you will likely need a mortgage lender to help secure the purchase of your dream home. At Beazer we understand the importance of having loan options, which is why we have created our unique, Mortgage Choices program. Taking advantage of the ability to shop around will help you find the right lender and loan program for you. Though the thought of “shopping” for a lender may sound daunting, Beazer’s done the grunt work to help new home buyers save and enjoy the best customer service possible when financing a new home.

How does the Mortgage Choices program work?

Beazer’s vetted lenders in every division in which we sell to present buyers with a list of preferred lenders that offer the following:

  • Comprehensive loan programs
  • Competitive rates & fees
  • Great customer service

This gives you a great starting point to begin shopping for the right home loan to fit your needs, which can save you stress and money in the long run.  If you already have a relationship with a lender that’s great too;   Beazer works with a variety of qualified lenders.  We seek to give buyers the tools to make the most informed decision possible when purchasing a new home.

Learn How to Compare Mortgage Quotes & Select a Lender
Check out this video to learn how you can compare mortgage quotes and find the right lender to meet your new home financing needs:

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