greensaverThank you to all of the Beazer homeowners who entered our Green Saver Rewards Giveaway.  We’re happy to hear about homeowners enjoying their ENERGY STAR® certified Beazer Homes and the utility savings they provide.  Stay tuned to the Beazer blog for more energy saving tips to keep your home comfortable and save on energy expenses this spring and summer.
These lucky homeowners will enjoy having their submitted utility bills paid by Beazer.  If you didn’t win this time, don’t fret, we’ll have more contest opportunities for you in the future.  Wishing you all a cool, fun Memorial Day weekend!
Please click here to view the full contest rules and details.

•    Louis Aguila, Orlando
•    Tricia Andrew, Indianapolis
•    Patrick Andrews, Raleigh
•    Christine Bolton, Indianapolis
•    Judy Cannon, Maryland
•    Bharat Chovatiya, Virginia/ DC
•    Dana Servaes Cochran, Indianapolis
•    Antonette Dimetro, Raleigh
•    Lisa Gentile, Indianapolis
•    Stanley Hagenhoff, Virginia/ DC
•    Lucille Kenefick, Charleston
•    Kelly Knight, Nashville
•    Elizabeth Mavis, Tampa
•    Mathew McKendree, Nashville
•    Rebekah Noah, Charleston
•    Karen Shepard, Las Vegas
•    Jeffrey Smith, Virginia/ DC
•    Tim Sullivan, Indianapolis
•    Marc Suty, Dallas
•    Marek Szapiel, Charleston

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May 22, 2014 at 10:20 pm, Karen Shepard said:

Wow! Thank you Beazer! I can”t believe i actually won!


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