It’s a new year and possibly the right time for a new home. While new home financing is often the deciding factor in making a move, it’s important to consider all of the other tangible benefits that come with building a new home compared to purchasing an existing home. For many Beazer homebuyers, benefits of building a new home include a lower cost of home ownership and design advantages.
1.) Lower Operating Cost
Any sort of housing change involves money; however, what isn’t always as obvious are the long-term savings that new construction can provide over existing. National homebuilders like Beazer Homes adhere to the latest construction methods and use the most advanced materials to save on utility costs over the life of the home.
All Beazer homes are ENERGY STAR® Certified which means they not only adhere to local and state energy efficiency requirements, but also voluntarily meet or exceed those set forth by the EPA for this distinction. The warranty provided by many homebuilders also helps offset any repair or remodeling costs that are typically associated with existing homes.
2.) Design Advantages
When you build a new home you can get space where you want and need it. Instead of being tied to someone else’s vision of a “dream home,” you select the floorplan that meets your needs best. Additionally, Beazer Homes is the only national homebuilder to offer Choice Plans which enable homeowners to choose structural and design options in main living spaces at no additional cost.
New homes also typically offer much more storage and living space than existing homes. According to New Home Source, new homes offer 3x the closet space and 2x the bathroom space compared to most existing homes.


In the comments below, tell us some advantages you’ve experienced with buying new.

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