HERS scoreYou read a lot about the financial benefits of energy efficient new homes, but what isn’t often explained are the construction factors that influence these savings. For new home buyers, understanding what hallmarks to look for can help them determine how energy efficient a new home is truly going to be. Energy efficiency is one of the three pillars composing the Beazer Difference; one of the primary ways Beazer Homes measures energy efficiency is with new home HERS® scores and energy audits.

HERS® is the new construction industry’s standard for measuring a home’s energy efficiency and calculating a home’s energy performance. Because the cost of energy varies from region to region, a standardized measure like a HERS ® score helps homeowners know how efficiently their new home will perform long term.
On average, most new homes receive a HERS® score of 100. Because of Beazer Homes’ attention to selecting energy efficient building materials and employing the latest ENERGY STAR standards, the average Beazer Home receives a HERS® score of 65 (35% more energy efficient than other newly constructed homes). All HERS® scores must be compiled by a certified Resnet Home Energy Rater. This person is trained in evaluating things like living spaces over unconditioned areas, seals over openings, water heating systems, and thermostats for efficiency.

Existing homes typically receive a HERS® score around 130 (30% less energy efficient than typical new construction). Beazer builds safe, energy efficient new homes that provide not only comfort, but tangible savings over the costs required to heat and cool existing homes. Stay tuned to our new home blog for more energy savings tips and ways to further decrease your energy spending over the life of your Beazer Home.

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April 29, 2014 at 11:38 pm, Joe Guerra said:

Busco house de unos 120.000


April 30, 2014 at 2:28 pm, Beazer Homes said:

Hi Joe, If you”re referencing homes staring at $120,000 you can search by location and price using the filtering feature on our homepage. Hope that helps! https://www.beazer.com/


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