Your buyer has signed the contract on a new home. Now what? Buying a new home is much different than a resale, mainly because the home still has to be built! Knowing the new home construction process, and what happens at the various stages of construction will help you prepare your client, and make them feel more comfortable about what is happening on their home.

There are 15 specific steps into the construction of a new home.  They can be grouped into six stages. Hang with me as I briefly walk you through them. These will only apply to a home that is to be built. If your client purchases a home that is already in the stages of construction, these will vary. As will how much they may be able to personalize.

  • Pre-construction and Layout: This includes permitting and the options history report the homeowner has chosen. We meet with the homeowner to confirm all the choices made at the design studio.

We also prepare the site for the foundation.

  • Foundation, Framing and MEP or Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing: We pour and let the concrete foundation cure.

We frame the home. This is where a home really starts to come to life, and go 3D. We then begin building what will be the internal and external walls, leaving room for windows and doors.

HVAC, rough electrical wiring, and Plumbing are installed next. Additionally, house wrap is secured to the exterior walls of the home to work as an air barrier and a weather barrier. This helps create a more energy efficient home.

*Pre-Drywall meeting – We stop there and have another meeting with the homeowner. They tour their home and make sure everything is still on track and to specification.

  • Drywall and Finishings: The drywall is hung and seams are taped. The exterior gets its final treatment as well, whether it is stucco, vinyl, brick or stacked stone.

It’s really starting to come together now. The doors, casings and baseboards are installed, along with any shelving.

What colors did the buyer pick out? We complete all the interior and exterior painting at this point.

The buyer’s selection in cabinets, countertops and flooring are installed.

  • Final Inspection and Appliances: The local municipality inspects the home and issues the certificate of occupancy. We want to make sure everything is up to the buyer’s preferences, and create a list of anything that may need to be corrected.

Selected appliances are installed and tested to ensure that they are working.

  • New Home Orientation: The builder will walk the homeowner through the home and show them exactly how their new home works, and make sure everything is clean and complete for their move-in. They’ll learn about all the energy saving features, and how to maintain their beautiful new home straight from the person that built it.
  • Closing or Close of Escrow: They’ll sign the papers and we’ll hand over the keys. Great day for the buyer, and you!

As you can see there is a lot to the construction process of a new home. Your clients may purchase a home at any of the stages of the build. That’s why understanding exactly what happens at each stage will help you feel more knowledgeable when speaking to your clients. You’ll be able to let them know exactly what is happening at each stage. And, don’t worry if you still need a little help, that’s what the New Home Counselor is there for – to help you stay informed on what is happening with the home.

Thanks for watching! Make sure to turn for the rest of the series for Learning to Sell New.


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