It seems to come earlier every year.  That time when your kids have to start waking up earlier, and begin prepping your home for back to school. It’s best to get organized before the massive flood of paperwork and school activities hit. Doing this prior to the first day will help you feel more confident and comfortable when the school bus arrives and your kids are whisked away to become the educated youth of America.

To Get Started:

Set Up A Command Central – Having a “go to” location in your home where the kids can unload papers that need to be signed, find out what is for lunch the next day and see a calendar of events all in one centralized location is key to staying organized according to

  • This may seem obvious, but pick a central location of the home. Is there one spot where everyone comes in and drops off their book bags and shoes? Do you have a built in desk near the kitchen? These are the places that would be a perfect spot to set up.
  • A calendar is a must-have for your station. Include school projects, sports, music lessons, overnights, etc. You may also want to include the lunch schedule at school or main lesson plans from your child’s teacher. You can even color code it by kid.

Here are 2 cute options:

small space command center for home

Clean out the closets – Does is seem like your kids grew 3 inches since the last school year? says to make sure you unload all the clothes they’ve outgrown or worn through before taking them shopping for more. By creating a rule that they have to remove 1 piece for every 1 they add (or something similar that works for your family) you can be the closets stay neat and organized…for a little while anyway! Bonus – Take them to a local shelter to have them donate in person so they can see how their old clothes are helping someone else out.


Clean as you go – This is one many families can overlook. “Mommy blogger” Prerna of The Mom Writes suggests wiping down more than the counters when you are done with dinner. Make sure you clean all the dishes, and pick up toys as you pass through the dining room to go to bed. Simple things like this will take less than a minute to do, but will save a lot more time than that in the future.


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