You’ve been anxiously awaiting the completion of your new house so you can get started decorating your home. While your house was being built you’ve scoured home magazines for decorating ideas and decided exactly what your style is. Now that you’ve pinned down your home style, the day has come to get started. You’ve moved in, unpacked and are ready to hang the pictures. But how do you combine the furniture, art and décor you already have with new pieces and make it look right in your new gorgeous room? Here’s how to get started decorating your home…

Choose a focal point – Each room will have a different emphasis depending on how you use it. says to pick a signature piece that will dominate the tone of the room making sure that it reflects your signature style. You certainly don’t want a large stuffed mountain cat that may look nice in a mountain lodge, but certainly looks “wild” in your shabby chic bedroom.


decorating your home


Color – You could spend weeks using color theory to determine what color you should paint your kitchen. Instead, do what This Old House suggests and eliminate certain colors from the color spectrum (think Roy G. Biv) right off the bat. Doing that will help when you are mesmerized by the walls of color chips at the store.


Once you’ve picked your general color, narrow down your selection looking at the paint chips in your color family. Look at the different tones and decide which is the darkest you can live with. Then you can decide what finish you want – gloss, semi-gloss, flat/matte. Remember that the lighter color and more reflective the paint (higher gloss) you choose, the higher the ceiling and bigger the room will feel. Be careful about choosing a dark eggplant color with a matte finish if you have a small room and want to open it up some.

Decorative Lighting – This can transform the mood of a room and may be one of the most important things you consider. You’ve already got your ambient lighting that you picked out in the design phase of building your home. Now you add lamps with shades to tables and floors. Keep these lamps simple and clean for the best effect. Think about where it will be located and then choose a design that will complement the other surrounding decor in your room. You’ve already chosen a focal point so you don’t want the lamp design or actual lighting it provides to mask or detract from that.


how to decorate your home

Just remember to take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your room doesn’t need to be either. Enjoy the process and make it your own! If you are still looking for ideas to nail down you’re the style of your home, check out our Beazer Homes Pinterest page.

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August 21, 2012 at 6:30 pm, Sue Trujillo said:

I just bought a beazer home in Fresno ca the maple model and I really need help of home or good ideas of how my should I decorate the living room because is really small I don”t see the potential


August 23, 2012 at 9:33 am, Beazer Homes said:

Small spaces can be a challenge, Sue. Check out the article below and maybe it will give you some inspiration. Enjoy your new home!


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