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February Get More Event Offers New Home Buyer Savings

We’re ramping up for an exciting sales season here at Beazer Homes.  In addition to the exceptional benefits every home we build provides, select Beazer divisions are also offering special incentives for new home buyer savings during our Get More Sales event February 1st- February 16th, 2014.  So if you’re in the market for a new home, make sure to check out our find a community page to contact a local Beazer representative and find the perfect place to build your dream home.
Reasons to Buy a New Home in February from Beazer Homes:

Energy Efficiency:  Every single Beazer home that we build meets or exceeds the most recent ENERGY STAR® certification standards.  We offer the unique value proposition of bringing in an independent RESNET Home Energy Rater to determine the HERS score for every new house we construct.  This give homebuyers the opportunity to see exactly how much more efficient their new Beazer home will be in comparison to other new and existing houses.

Mortgage Choices:  We support our buyers having a choice when it comes to finding a mortgage for their new home.  We offer buyers a list of preferred lenders in their area that are selected for their competitive rates and superior customer service.  These lenders do not pay us in any way to be included, instead we monitor their performance regularly to make sure our high standards are met. We believe that the buyer benefits from increased competition, resulting in a much happier home buyer in all aspects.

More Design and Personalization Options:  We have done the research and compiled the most utilized floorplan options.  Based on that knowledge, we’ve package the most popular design and structural options for living areas such as the kitchen, master bathroom and secondary spaces – and we call this our Choice Plans.  Beazer homeowners can select from these options based on the way they want to live in their home.  The best part, unlike other builders who charge for upgrades a’ la carte, Beazer offers Choice Plans at no additional cost to the buyer.

We want homeowners to get more during every step of the homebuilding process. Find your community of choice on our website and fill out the “Request Information” tab before February 16th to learn more about the additional benefit of buying new with Beazer during our Get More Event.   Stay tuned to the events and specials section of our blog for the latest homebuilding news and offers.

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Energy Efficient Lighting Design Guide

By Todd Roy

Green design in the housing market isn’t just a trend – its mainstream. Today’s homeowners are not only recognizing the inherent benefits of energy efficient options, but demanding products like energy efficient lighting design that meet these standards in the home.

The LED revolution

Haven Mini Pendant

Once seen as an expensive and unattractive source, LED lighting has transformed into a viable lighting solution that provides long-term energy savings and aesthetically pleasing light output.

The Benefits

  •  Energy savings: LED sources incur lower energy costs.
  • Aging-in-place value: LEDs are gentle on aging eyes, while a long fixture lifetime means less maintenance over the years.
  • Improved color temperature: Advancements in color temperature and light output create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Impact on Lighting Design

Homeowners, builders and manufacturers cannot ignore the benefits of LED technology. Manufacturers like Progress Lighting have evolved to meet these needs by introducing LED products that provide the following benefits:

  • Add beneficial task lighting, such as Progress Lighting’s LED undercabinet series, ideal for kitchen workspaces.
  •  Provide a wide distribution of light. The LED Path Light features a highly efficient LED source for lighting walkways.

CFLs: The new normal
With changes in government regulations and improvements in lighting technology, CFLs are a popular, cost-effective and efficient option among homeowners.

The Benefits

Like LEDs, CFL sources reduce maintenance and use less energy than traditional sources.Impact on Lighting Design
The color consistency or spiral shape of CFLs may deter consumers; However, Progress Lighting designers have addressed these issues by:

  • Offering CFLs with comparable color to traditional sources.
  • Designing fixtures specifically for CFL sources. For example:

    Savannah Chandelier

  1.       The Haven mini-pendant features stonehenge glass to conceal its CFL source, while providing beneficial task lighting. Its rectilinear shape complements today’s streamlined home furnishings.
  2.      The Savannah chandelier provides elegant details for traditional interiors and includes 13-watt CFLs disguised by antique alabaster glass.

To connect with Progress Lighting, please visit  To avoid lighting problems check out this post.

About Todd Roy: Todd Roy serves as the Director of Builder Sales and Marketing for Progress Lighting. With more than 20 years of experience in the residential and commercial lighting industries, Roy’s knowledge of the homebuilding industry has helped Progress Lighting become the leading lighting company within the homebuilding market.

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4 Tips for Choosing a New Home Floor Plan

Choosing a new home floor plan Have you embarked on the new home building process?  If so, congratulations!  We’ve used our homebuilding experience to formulate the following tips for choosing a new home floor plan.  There are a lot of decisions to be made at the beginning of buying a new home, but with a little thought and the insight of professionals, it can be an easy process.

  1. Tour model homes.  The best way to know if features or a particular layout will work for you is to see it in person.  Tour a model home to see if features you prefer work in real life like they do on paper. Make notes of what you do and don’t like so your New Home Counselor (NHC) can formulate appropriate solutions for your new home.
  2. Think about long term livability.  How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need for future children, guests and any family that might come to live with you?  Consider how much you like to entertain, and how your furniture may fit into the space. Overall try to really envision yourself living in that home in 5-7 years.
  3. Put the extra space where you need it.  Explore structural and design options like Beazer Homes’ Choice Plans to put the space where you need it and avoid the need (and expense) of a remodel.  Thinking about how a specific floorplan works for your overall lifestyle will greatly reduce any headaches down the road when you wish you had that extra bedroom or patio area.
  4. Pick finishes and structural options that you like.  What’s trendy now will not necessarily be the latest thing in a few years.  Pick finishes and features that you like and are durable for you since you’re the one who will be living in the home. Use the expertise of the Design Center Coordinator to help you make decisions. They’ve been through this with hundreds of homeowners and really want you to be satisfied with the overall design and look of your home.

Check out our previous blog post to learn more about finding a new Beazer home.  While every experience is different, following these tips and beginning the process with a good idea of the big things can help minimize headaches and maximize your experience. Have you built a home before and have tips for first timers?  Comment below with any advice. What was your favorite thing to pick out at the Design Studio?

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Grand Opening of New Community in Las Vegas, Nevada

new homes in north las vegas We’re excited to announce the opening of a brand new community of new homes in Las Vegas, NV.  The Dorado Skies community will feature Beazer Homes’ new Choice Plan options and master-planned amenities.  These unique factors will provide a diverse selection of home plans to fit your lifestyle whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking for a bigger place, or downsizing.

Join the Dorado Skies sales team on Saturday, January 25th at 11 am to learn more about what is sure to be a popular place to live.  The event will feature 5 NEW model homes you can tour as well as sweet treats,  warm specialty coffees, and hot chocolate from the Grouchy John coffee trailer.  Like Beazer Homes other communities across the nation, Dorado Skies will feature ENERGY STAR® certified single family homes.  These new homes in Las Vegas will start at $213,990.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Four Easy Winter Home Protection Tips

winter home protection tips from Beazer Homes If you’ve been just about anywhere in the U.S. besides Miami this week, you’ve probably experienced the frigid temperatures and snow/ice meteorologists are referring to as the “Polar Vortex.”  Prolonged exposure to these types of temperatures is not only unpleasant, but can wreak havoc on our homes if we’re not prepared. Here are some useful cold weather tips to protect your home to ensure you’re ready for the bitter temperatures:

  • Insulate your pipes and use a water heater blanket/ insulation wrap if your main water supply is in the garage.
  • Remove ice blockages from gutters and downspouts to help prevent back-up and potential roof leaks from accumulated moisture.
  • Never leave your home without any heat during cold weather.  Most experts recommend that the heat is set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damage to pipes, systems, etc.
  • Use kitty litter to improve traction on ice formed over walk and driveways instead of salt.  Repeated use of salt in these areas can kill surrounding grass, shrubs, and trees.

For more useful home winterization tips you can also visit the Bob Vila blog and start planning for the things you may have missed this year.  Have any tips we might have missed?  Comment and share with other readers.

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New Homes Coming Soon in Orange County, California!

new homes orange county_BeazerHomes

Beazer Homes is excited to announce the grand openings of the Valencia at Orchards and Sorrento at Orchards communities in Orange County, California.  Valencia at Orchards will showcase single family, new homes starting at $240,000.  The Sorrento at Orchards community will be built by Beazer Homes and feature single family homes starting at $280,000.

Join the Beazer Homes sales teams at these communities Saturday, January 11th from 11 am until 3pm for delicious barbeque and a live country band to enjoy while you learn more about these communities.  Like the other Beazer Homes communities across the nation, these new communities will feature ENERGY STAR Certified homes and offer buyers the Beazer benefits of flexible home plans, personalization, and more mortgage choices for homebuyers.

Those interested in new homes are invited to visit the community sites and speak with a sales agent or visit the Beazer website and chat instantly with a New Home Information Counselor to learn more about these brand new planned communities. For the latest new home news from Orange County connect with Beazer on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Top Two Benefits of Building a New Home

benefits of building a  new houseIt’s a new year and possibly the right time for a new home. While new home financing is often the deciding factor in making a move, it’s important to consider all of the other tangible benefits that come with building a new home compared to purchasing an existing home. For many Beazer homebuyers, benefits of building a new home include a lower cost of home ownership and design advantages.

1.) Lower Operating Cost
Any sort of housing change involves money; however, what isn’t always as obvious are the long-term savings that new construction can provide over existing. National homebuilders like Beazer Homes adhere to the latest construction methods and use the most advanced materials to save on utility costs over the life of the home.

All Beazer homes are ENERGY STAR® Certified which means they not only adhere to local and state energy efficiency requirements, but also voluntarily meet or exceed those set forth by the EPA for this distinction. The warranty provided by many homebuilders also helps offset any repair or remodeling costs that are typically associated with existing homes.

2.) Design Advantages
When you build a new home you can get space where you want and need it. Instead of being tied to someone else’s vision of a “dream home,” you select the floorplan that meets your needs best. Additionally, Beazer Homes is the only national homebuilder to offer Choice Plans which enable homeowners to choose structural and design options in main living spaces at no additional cost.

New homes also typically offer much more storage and living space than existing homes. According to New Home Source, new homes offer 3x the closet space and 2x the bathroom space compared to most existing homes.


In the comments below, tell us some advantages you’ve experienced with buying new.

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Happy New Year from Beazer Homes

Tonight we will say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014.  While New Year festivities typically include a night out, (or in many cases a night in at home!) and making resolutions involve restricting certain sugary snacks, picking out an exercise program to attempt for a couple weeks or saving more cash, we’d like to take the New Year as an opportunity to say thank you.  We are grateful to all of the homeowners and their families who have allowed Beazer Homes to plan and construct their dream home.










Happy New Year; may the next 365 days be prosperous and full of great things for you and your family.


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Experts Forecast Home Design Trends for 2014

By Gwynne Liebl

The end of 2013 brings about a plethora of lists from style makers on what the home design treands for 2014 will be.  Whether or not you believe in their validity, the lists are actually a telegraph to consumers of what items they will be seeing in stores, advertising and in pretty much any item you can buy.   Here at Beazer Homes, we’re interested in trends relating to your home and one of the important trends is that of color.  Our trade partners, PPG and Sherwin-Williams, have announced that their 2014 Colors of the Year are Turning Oak ATC- 38 and Exclusive Plum 6263, respectively.

Color trends for 2014

Photo: Sherwin Williams

From PPG:  “Like a buttercream, this color (Turning Oak) has a fullness to it, while remaining light enough to act as a neutral. It’s mellow and stable, providing the calm we all seek before embarking on new journeys. “

From Sherwin-Williams’ Jackie Jordan:  “This dusky, filtered violet is refined without being stuffy, elegant yet easy, and layered with romantic potential.  Exclusive Plum has an amazing quality and can be adapted for nearly any space, whether used as an accent or for an entire room.”

Be prepared to see these colors and various tones of them in paint, furniture and home accessories.  If either of these colors scares you, use them as accents with basic, neutral colors such as tans & whites for a casual feeling or, for a stronger look pair with other citrus colors.  In addition, blues are coming back very strong and would pair with either color perfectly.

Beazer Homes offers clients the ability to select their own paint colors during the design and personalization stage of building a new home.  To learn more about interior design trends for the New Year, stay tuned to Beazer Home’s new house blog for more expert articles.

About Gwynne Liebl:  Gwynne brings more than 25 years of design experience to her current role at Beazer Homes as the Design Studio Manager in Atlanta. She allows her passion for home design and decorating to show as she assists home buyers when they begin personalizing their new home. She consults with the architecture and construction teams at Beazer to help on floor plan and exterior elevation designs, and works with purchasing on specifications and materials selections. Gwynne loves what she does and gets true satisfaction knowing she is helping a family achieve their dream of owning a home.


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Why is a New Home HERS Score Important for Energy Efficiency?

You read a lot about the financial benefits of energy efficient new homes, but what isn’t often explained are the construction factors that influence these savings. For new home buyers, understanding what hallmarks to look for can help them determine how energy efficient a new home is truly going to be. Energy efficiency is one of the three pillars composing the Beazer Difference; one of the primary ways Beazer Homes measures energy efficiency is with new home HERS® scores and energy audits.

HERS® is the new construction industry’s standard for measuring a home’s energy efficiency and calculating a home’s energy performance. Because the cost of energy varies from region to region, a standardized measure like a HERS ® score helps homeowners know how efficiently their new home will perform long term.
On average, most new homes receive a HERS® score of 100. Because of Beazer Homes’ attention to selecting energy efficient building materials and employing the latest ENERGY STAR standards, the average Beazer Home receives a HERS® score of 65 (35% more energy efficient than other newly constructed homes). All HERS® scores must be compiled by a certified Resnet Home Energy Rater. This person is trained in evaluating things like living spaces over unconditioned areas, seals over openings, water heating systems, and thermostats for efficiency.

Existing homes typically receive a HERS® score around 130 (30% less energy efficient than typical new construction). Beazer builds safe, energy efficient new homes that provide not only comfort, but tangible savings over the costs required to heat and cool existing homes. Stay tuned to our new home blog for more energy savings tips and ways to further decrease your energy spending over the life of your Beazer Home.

You can also connect with Beazer Homes on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest for more new home energy savings information.

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