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What are the Insurance Benefits of a New Home?

  Building a new home has many more advantages than buying a used one:  personalization, quality control, maintenance, and energy efficiencies to mention a few. But one perk that homebuyers frequently don’t consider is home insurance savings. The cost of home insurance can play a big role in calculating the total monthly payment for a [...]

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4 Tips for Choosing a New Home Floor Plan

Have you embarked on the new home building process?  If so, congratulations!  We’ve used our homebuilding experience to formulate the following tips for choosing a new home floor plan.  There are a lot of decisions to be made at the beginning of buying a new home, but with a little thought and the insight of [...]

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3 Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Are you home for the holidays this year?  If so, there are a few home safety tips to make sure that your family and your Beazer home are protected from the potential pitfalls of all that holiday excitement.  Around 12,500 people typically end up in the hospital every year with holiday decorating or cooking related [...]

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Important Real Estate Documents You Can’t Ignore

Contract forms. Loan applications. Mortgage paperwork. Before you close on a new home, you’ll have to navigate through a sea of real estate documents. Let us help you understand a few of them. Make sure not to skim these documents, but read them in their entirety. You’ll feel more secure and smart about the big [...]

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How to Find a Mortgage Lender

Choosing the right mortgage lender is a huge piece of the home buying process.  When you find a mortgage lender that is right for you, you’re more likely to get the best rates, great service, and low fees all of which save you money. To find out which lenders have better options for your financial [...]

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What are Closing Costs on a Home?

Your down payment isn’t the only money you’ll need to pay the day of closing. You’ll also need to plan for the costs associated with borrowing the money, government taxes, and other fees you may not be aware of. It’s important to understand these additional fees so you know precisely what you are paying for [...]

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Step 5: Closing and Moving Into Your New Home

The construction on your new home is finally complete, and this is what you’ve been waiting for – official ownership of your new home. After your new home orientation, you must complete the closing process. Here’s a breakdown of how our closing process works, and a list of items you need to have on the [...]

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Ask Nick: Is There a Type of Mortgage That Requires No Down Payment?

Nick Peacock, Beazer’s Vice President of Lender Choices, answers your questions about shopping for a mortgage. In this edition of “Ask Nick”, Nick explains adjustable rate mortgages, what kind of customer service to look for in a good lender, and types of mortgages that require no down payment. Q: Andrew: What is an ARM?   [...]

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Step 3: Making it Your Own- Designing Your New Home

What’s the most fun part of buying a new home? Many people would say their favorite part of buying a new home is the design center process, and really making the home their own. “Making it your own” is step three in our five steps to buying a new home, and allows you to do [...]

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Step 2: Financing and Contract

  After going through floorplans and available homesites, you’ve finally picked out your new Beazer home. Now it’s time to estimate the cost of your mortgage payment, find the right type of mortgage, and apply for a home loan. Here’s what you need to expect from the new home financing process.   Review Your Finances [...]

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